Rosemary + Austin // Married

Well, get ready for some serious waterworks, kids.

Every shoot that I do shapes me in some way. Every shoot creates emotions, especially weddings. To be able to witness the love between two people so close up, so raw, and get to actually participate in that love by capturing one of the most important days in someone’s life - that is something that sticks with you and most likely, changes you.

This was, and is, the case with Rosemary and Austin.

It’s a funny story. Rosemary and I both went to Austin High School, her being a few years older than I am. I actually remember hearing about her being super sweet and also remembering that I loved that name - Rosemary. It seemed so vintage and delicate, but I also loved cooking and knew the smell of rosemary well. We didn’t know each other really, until one day a year or so ago, we both were working an event - me as the photographer, and her for her company Spread & Co. (seriously go check this out, it will give you all the cheeseboard feels). We soon connected over coffee and started the process of capturing the love between her and her fiancé, Austin, who is the head chef at Grizzelda’s (talk about a foodie couple after my own heart, amirite?!).

Their engagement session included beers at their local brewery, St. Elmo Brewing, with their two adorable pups. They are such a laid-back couple that this seemed like the most appropriate setting.

And then their wedding day came, and all of us bawled our eyes out -insert crying emoji here-.

Honestly, the day was just so wonderful, even as someone working the entire time. Getting to witness Rosemary and Austin’s whole story, and their vows, was an incredible honor. The two of them are just so comfortable with the other, and still so googly-eyed (even more so on Austin’s part!) even after being together for 6-7 years already, that it felt like the Universe was just pulling them together and this was the culmination of all of it.

Which, for me, was so encouraging to see. I believe we all deserve this kind of love, and it’s such a sweet reminder to see that this is out there, waiting for each one of us.

So, Rosemary + Austin, thank you. Thank you for trusting me to document this day. Thank you for encouraging those of us who have become a bit jaded by love. Thank you for the love you share between you two.

Much love!