Erik + Bridget // Engaged

You know those couples that just make you remember that true love exists? Like...I'm pretty sure Erik and Bridget invented love. Just invented the whole dang thing. They are so comfortable around eachother and made my job SUPER easy by being adorable, silly, and uber lovey-dovey during our engagement session.

Erik & Bridget are both singers, and by singers, I mean like all-out-opera-house-these-kids-have-pipes singers. They met at Boston University studying voice performance/opera and have been enduring long-distance since Bridget was offered a position at the Fort Worth Opera. All this to say: these two are going big places, and they're going together, and I love that.

I'm so happy with how these turned out. Wedding date TBD. Hoping for an Icelandic elopement if I'm honest ;)